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You will hear people say over and over "I am on vacation" or I am too busy with work as they splurge onto the next cheese burger, or crispy cream. As much as it is true to indulge in certain cravings from time to time to keep you from frequent binges, there is still balance while on vacation or traveling for work. The struggle is real to find health food when you have to get on an airplane, drive 5 hours, are in-between meetings or attending all day conferences. Although in my case, photo shooting all day in the middle of no mans land, trust me there isn't much health food in Nelson Nevada.

​When these events occur in life the key is to plan, plan, plan. Planning helps to not make poor food choices when on the road or even during your busy life. There are even ways to bring health food on the airplane and skip out on biscoff cookies, chips, and soda pop. Whenever I know I am going to be out on the road I make a trip to the store for some digestion friendly goodies. Apples, trail mix, bananas, nut thins, avocado, carrots and hummus are usually my go to.

Cut up some veggies in a bag and put hummus in a Tupperware to have a snack mid flight. Or an apple with a pouch of almond butter on that 5 hour drive. Snacking on trail mix when you start to get hungry is a great way to hold over your appetite, helping you not make hangry, unhealthy food choices out of desperation. We have all been in a hypnotized state when the McDonald's and del taco signs start to pop up on the side of the road.

I will even go as far to stop at the grocery store before I arrive at a hotel and stock the hotel fridge with healthy snacks. This is also a huge money saver, you can eat breakfast and lunch in room with no more panic about were you should eat out 3 meals a day. It's so nice to open your hotel refrigerator and have yogurt, nuts and fruit available to you in the mornings when you need a quick breakfast. Now you can go splurge a little more out to dinner, and keep your travel budget.

Simple breakie I made in room at The Palms Place

Even when food is provided for you by your company during busy weeks and you have to eat so you aren't that girl, you can still make health choices. I am not ashamed to be the girl pulling the processed cheeses and meat off her subway sandwich and replace them with pickles, peppers, spinach, and olives. I like to stay feeling healthy as much as I can even during busy times. So next time you have to travel, road trip, a company lunch or are in and out of meetings all day just plan ahead and make those better for you choices!

Keeping it Healthy While Traveling and On the Go