​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

Hello winter! 11 inches in 24 hours is a lot to take in after these beautiful fall days I was enjoying. Don't get me wrong I love the winter and have become quite accepting of it since a few years ago. I have now realized if I just bundle up I can still hike, camp, explore, ski, and it isn't as unbearable as I use to think. In fact there is a certain sort of peaceful silent beauty the white snow and winter brings to us.

I am really excited because this year I finally have a ski pass to Park City and the Canyons (epic local). So thank you Park city resort for nor remembering your lease renewal, this is one change I am not complaining about. Now I may get in trouble for saying that because I believe there are some mixed opinions on Vail taking over Park City Ski Resort. As of now with the epic local perks I am accepting this change with open arms, we shall see how it affects the rest of the town in years to come. Since Utah is our own little secret, I am concerned with how much growth we will see in the next few years from this, but the times they are a-changing...always it seems.

With this season change I am fighting to stay warm and eat foods that help this cause. Soups and roasted veggies have been my go to lately, but what simple and easy dinners they are! These can be used as sides to healthy protein or grains, or even the main part of your dish! How easy is it to cut up regular/sweet potato chunks, cauliflower, broccoli, or whatever you like and put coconut oil, lemon juice, some salt 'n' peppa! Pop it in the oven for 15/20 minutes (potatoes a bit longer) and you have a veggie dinner!

​I love broccoli and its a great superfood for us. Its so easy just roasting it with some lemon, oil and some seasoning. Paired with risotto, rice, or pasta it makes and easy vegetarian dinner. Although I do eat fish I find myself craving just veggies for dinner sometimes and I am still full afterwards.

​These aren't roasted but I love love green beans! I love mixing different things into my green beans to change them up! These ones in particular remind me of thanksgiving, even though my family never makes them for thanksgiving so don't ask me why! I boil them for about 10 minutes, drain and toss in butter. Yes I said butter, studies have now shown it is ok to consume butter in small amounts! I add sliced almonds and dried cranberries for a sweet/salty flavor, oh my yum! Great served with some seared salmon or potatoes. You can mix and match with veggies and sides, makes them great for all seasons and occasions!

It's official i am freezing! veggie sides keep me warm!