​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

30 photographers, 25 models, 10 hair and makeup artists, one passion; creating beautiful photos. I had such a blast attending this Style-Create-Capture event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was such an honor to work with so many people who are so passionate about the same things I am. It's rare to find a group of individuals with such heart and such talent that come together and create such magic. I have to applaud Kara for putting this whole thing together, she had it so organized from the costumes, to the makeup and hair ideas, and the locations. This was probably one of my more memorable experiences in Las Vegas, being able to explore more areas of it opened my eyes to how cool this place actually is. We got to shoot in Nelson Nevada, this awesome vintage ghost town. They had everything from an alien room, to broken down cars, to the end half of a plane crashed into the ground. How cool it was to get to step out of my everyday life and contribute to this.

As you all know I mostly do bridal and event hair/makeup, but recently I have been able to be a part of more photo shoots. Which I am falling in love with more and more every shoot I do. I love the art behind the camera, the wardrobe ideas, and hair and makeup...it truly makes me come alive in my work. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do something that I truly love, and keeps me pushing my creativity bar. This photo shoot I was able to step outside my comfort zone and create different, edgy editorial looks. Bridal, circus, and living dolls in the desert were the themes I was working on.

Getting the bride ready for her mock wedding photos

Prepping my circus model at the dry lake bed

​I have been so thrilled getting many different images from all the photographers, it is so cool to see each photographer's edits and style of photography. I also have a love for behind the actual camera with photography, which I am dabbling in more and about to purchase my first professional camera! I am an outdoor enthusiast and food stylist/photographer, I plan on taking these passions to the next level with photography as well. I hope one day to combine all my passions into one whole brand for myself.

I do believe whatever you put out in the universe with hopes and dreams will definitely happen for you. You manifest your life and dream your dreams into reality so never give up doing what you want to do no matter how unreal it may seem. If you told me I would have the opportunities I have had in the past few months I would have been shocked, I am excited to see where the next few years can take me. There is no better time then now to follow your dreams!

Vegas Shoot Out 2015: Follow Your Dreams