​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

Project Shine

I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of Project Shine. Months ago Dana Klein, a local photographer had contacted me about working with her on Project Shine. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this magical experience. Dana started Project shine as a beauty makeover for women battling and who have battled cancer. It has grown into a collection of story-telling images that portrays beauty, strength and hope. To help raise awareness during October (Breast cancer awareness month) we have been meeting ever other week and doing photo shoots for these women. 

From natural, to glamour looks we have been creating looks on each woman to bring out her natural beauty and make her shine. Its been a rewarding experience to meet as well as spend time with these women and hear their stories. These are very strong willed and remarkable woman to fought what they have. There is so much beauty and spirit in the room each time we do one of these shoots. I have been so happy to experience being a part of this and creating beauty for a purpose. Channel 2 news will be featuring a segment on Project Shine on October 13th, check it out!