​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon


Rosie is a complete beauty! She rocks an awesome natural blonde and is nothing but stunning on the red carpet. If you are ever in a blonde bind and need advice, I am always here to guide you in the right direction!


Gisele, not fair, are the only words that come to mind!


Gwen is the perfect platinum, and I am pretty sure I have never seen a root on that girl since the 90's!

One of my favorite colors of the week! I did highlights and toned afterwards, it turned out natural and luminous!

Last but not least I have to give it up to three of the most beautiful celebrity blondes. Who are not only rocking blondes but fashion icons, would die to share the closets of these three ladies!!

Pureology products can be found in my salon and at www.pureology.com

(Also pictured is color save leave-in spray and privanna leave in treatment)

After achieving the right blonde for your hair and your skin tone, the next step is trying to keep it as healthy and hydrated as when you left the salon. I recommend Pureology to most people that come through. I am not biased I do love other shampoos and products. I just really think Pureology works great and does what it says it will! I love using their Hydration Leave in Spray after I have shampooed and conditioned. It works great for blondes trying to keep their hair beautiful and healthy!

​I tone almost every blonde that comes in my salon. Few reasons: I want the hair to be blended and as soft as possible. I also want to tone out any unwanted tones, such as a yellow, orange or brassy hues. Toner leaves the hair glossy and beautiful looking. My favorite toner to use is Redken Shades EQ. I have never found anything that works better, besides Paul Mitchell Ultra Platinum Toner (but that's for special occasions). Cosmetologist's this can be found at www.redken.com.

Ok so I love, love platinum blonde hair, (had to do two pictures). It's so cute on short hair and such a stunner on longer hair. You want to be careful when coloring to a platinum blonde. I suggest using a high-lift on the roots instead of a bleach. Then doing a full highlight in-between the root color to achieve the best platinum and keep the integrity of the hair!

Beige blonde is a perfect mix of some brown beige low lights with lighter highlights. Just make sure your skin compliments the beige color. This can be a beautiful combination!

This natural sun-kissed blonde look is great for people with naturally darker hair but still want to be lighter. It's not too bright or too dull. It's a very natural look for those who want to spice up their color!

This is a beautiful honey blonde. Shiny, healthy, with just a hint of warmth to it! Not to mention a beautiful red lip goes perfectly!!


It's true blondes do have more fun! No offense to any brunettes, you have gorgeous hair too!!! The perfect shade of blonde is sometimes hard to come by. Sometimes it's too yellow, mousey, has orange hues, or is even greenish looking. I am a blonde perfectionist, probably because I have been every blonde in the book! I love a beautiful, rich, and healthy blonde. I have to use a few products to get all my blondes right, but I know what works best and never use anything else! When going blonde you want to make sure you do it gradually to keep the integrity of your hair. Rome wasn't built in a day people! And neither was the perfect blonde! My favorite shades of blonde are platinum, natural sun kissed, honey, beige and of course an ombré blonde!