​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

Sorry guys! Life has been a bit busy outside of blogging! I really did mean to keep up every month but man my schedule is packed! I am going to keep incorporating healthy food and beauty tips but i will be blogging a lot more about hiking and all the gorgeous places i get to spend days off. So that will soon follow!

My favorite lunch is an easy and affordable one. I keep it interesting with “Lunch Bowls”, generally a combination of veggies, grains, or beans. The great thing about lunch bowls is they can have lots of variation. If I pack it in a Tupperware I can take it to work, hiking or just on the go for those busy days. I top it always with my ultimate favorite dressing, Avocado Vinaigrette (sold at Whole Foods) and a little lemon juice. There ain’t nothing better. With very few ingredients and a very light flavor it is the perfect dressing for my lunch bowls, but of course whatever you prefer to use.


I rarely have days where everything goes as planned so it’s important for me to stay healthy with food preparation. Without that I can get off track very quick. Then I just want to get the easiest closest thing I can find. Truth is I am trying my hardest to make my prepared meals as much as possible. My lunch bowl today I added spinach, quinoa, black beans, avocado, carrot, and cabbage. It was delicious! The great thing about lunch bowls is you can buy and chop most this stuff up and it will stay good for days! Then you don’t have to hit 12 o’clock and panic about where you are going to eat. Not only is it easy but it’s very nutritious and loaded with veggies that your body needs! Add beans, salmon or chicken and get all the protein you need to help keep you full until dinner time. This also could be consider a salad but lunch bowls just sound way more fun and you can add things like sweet potato or figs and really make a difference from your average salad to an amazing one! You don't even HAVE to have lettuce you could just mix up veggies and toss it with tahini sauce or dressing. The options are endless.  So get Chopping and your lunch bowls on all day ery day!

 Nutritious Lunch Bowls