As some of you know I love to climb Mountains, it makes me grin from ear to ear. I thought I would step away from food and beauty for a minute and focus on something that is also a huge part of my healthy lifestyle and mission to the world. I never write much on exercising and staying active because food pictures make me drool obviously. But something else that is a part of my beauty, health, and happiness regime is challenging my body to climb different peaks and explore new places. I never thought of myself as a mountain climber, or even someone who gets up at 6 am to take an adventure and catch the sunrise. Turns out I am, and guess what it makes me feel more alive then I have in years. The freedom that is felt when you can climb to the highest point of a mountain and take in an amazing view is not only rewarding but simply amazing. There are days where you feel like you may not make it, or you want to turn back but its you against yourself and how far you are willing to push your limits. I hope just through photos and words I can inspire people to just go take one hike, or take up a new sport and interest. I know it can be intimidating doing something you have never done before, but now is the time to live, now is all we have.

Utah has been my home for nearly 27 years, except for that one time I thought it would be awesome to move to California and it wasn't, I can tell you this place is truly special. The beauty this one state holds is truly unbelievable, the different landscape and hidden places you can go. You can be in the pines one minute and red rocks 2 hours later, oh and did I mention there is barely any traffic...whhattt. I wont say much more because I don't want the secret to get out about how cool it is here.

My hobby came about a year or so ago, it came when I no longer just wanted work to be my hobby. I needed something else to make me come alive and reach for more. That is what exploring has become to me, something to reach outside myself and my everyday life finding peace in places I never knew existed. Being outside is my therapy, it helps clear the head and work out problems you thought you couldn't work out before. I am so grateful for the outdoor community, what a bunch of beautiful souls. Not one person doesn't have a huge smile on their face when they pass by you, and you both can just nod and know you are sharing a similar feeling. My hope is to climb all the highest peaks in Utah, and then start climbing everywhere else. I want to fully experience life, and all it has to offer. I like to think we could all go back to a time and place where our land was enough, growing our foods was enough, loving each other was enough. I believe being outside in nature puts this into perspective, we are one with each other and the earth. Do I sound like a tree hugging hippy yet? Well get on board cause its the best place to be! 

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