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Most everyone these days loves the idea of getting their daily greens and veggies from a smoothie or juicing. I have had a lot of people ask me if juicing is good for them or if blending veggies is better? Juicing vs blending is a debate among the nutrition world as well as individuals just trying to get their health right. And while I love both, each have a different way delivering nutrient essentials to the body. Some people like juicing because it is lacking the pulp, while some people feel they aren't getting all nutrients and fiber of the vegetable if they just drink the extracted juice. I have done some research to find which way is the most beneficial way to "drink yo veggies" and come to find out neither way is the better way, just different ways to get different results!


Juicers extract nutrients and water from fresh produce and discard the fiber, providing you with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in each glass full. Because the fiber is extracted from the juice, its nutrients are delivered to your cells much quicker resulting in an energy boost. No energy is needed to digest pure juice, that energy is conserved for cleansing work, very useful while doing a juice cleanse. Juicing is so nutrient rich, nourishing and can restore the at a cellular level. If you have a sensitive digestive system, juicing is the way to go to get nutrients into your system faster and without using that energy to digest the fiber.


Blending a whole fruit or vegetable with ice, water, or coconut water leaves its fiber intact. Resulting in a thicker, more textured smoothie that provides a slow and even release of nutrients into the body's cells. This type of fruit or vegetable drink is also packed with many nutrients and antioxidants. Even though blended drinks have the fiber left in them, which can slow down the digestive process in the body. The blending process breaks the fiber apart helping make it easier on your system, then if you just ate it whole.

Bottom line is drinking vegetable juice provides the body with concentrated nutrients that immediately nourish the cells. Your body does not have to use a lot of energy to to process juice and smoothies, making it beneficial to those who are low on energy due to illness. Fresh juice can also benefit those with weak digestive tracks! I say both are a beneficial way to get our fruits an veggies in! A balance of two is ideal, unless you have any of the sensitivities that would lead you to use one way more then the other! Juice on people!

​Just some juice ideas
Orange Juice: 4 large carrot sticks, two oranges, juice from 1 lemon, chunk of ginger all through a juicer.

Green Juice: 5 Kale leafs, 1 apple, 1 cucumber, 5 celery sticks, juice from 1 lemon, chunk of ginger

Beet Juice: 3 large beets, 1 apple, 3 carrots, juice of 1 lemon, ginger chunk

Green Blend: 1 apple, handful spinach, 1 cucumber cut in chunks, 4 stalks celery cut in chunks, 1 cups coconut water, 4 mint leafs, lemon or lime juice blend until smooth

juicing vs. blending