​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

Floral Wedding Hair

Below are a few snapshots taken during getting ready time at weddings, they're not professionally taken but give you a great idea!

If you know me you know that I love flowers, especially in the hair and the especially for a wedding day! I always get the question should I do flowers? I think the answer is always yes! Summer and fall weddings are the perfect time to showcase some flowers in bloom, I think any hairstyle looks beautiful with some extra flare.

The great thing about flowers is you can really incorporate them into any style of hair, whether it's down half up or all the way up. It adds a romantic yet dressed up feel to the hair. When placing flowers in their hair I believe it's important to use a variety, even some pops of color, greens or even just white! But having a variety of colors really dresses up the hairstyle and brings life to the Bride's hair!

Here is the shoot we did at Washington schoolhouse in Park City, Utah. I did a different array of colors in the girl's hair and it really just dresses up their outfits!