​​Jessica Grambau

Hair & makeup salon

A new season means a new you...Fall Hair Colors

As the leaves begin to change color, it’s only natural to want to switch up your look as well. Naturally people like to go darker in the fall/winter but I think whatever your skin tone is for the season can determine what is best for your look! I am loving the chocolate browns and deep reds I have been seeing this fall season! The Icy blondes are complementing for those woman who have a very pale complexion during the cooler seasons! If you are struggling with dry hair, a richer darker tone may be just the trick for you to have moisturized and luminous hair again! A new season means a new you, so dive

head first into autumn with one of these seasonal shades!

This rich red is really deep and has a bit of a copper undertone to it that really pops when it catches the light. The burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention compliments the changing leaves outside!:) 

Winter is a great time to go a shade or two darker with your hair color. Here a dark/medium level brown is taken down even more to a dark chocolate shade. Leaving her hair full of dimension with hints of red and brown!

This gorgeous ombre effect is created by having a deep brown at the roots that slowly fades into a light brown at the mid lengths, and then blonde on the tips. This is a great idea to try out for the winter season as the ombré trend is still going strong! 

A golden chocolate brown is perfect for going a little darker but not a crazy shocking change that leaves you wondering what you were thinking! I love the way the light hits this color, the golden tones come out while keeping the depth and richness of the chocolate color. 

Bright is more popular than ever as blondes are opting to go even lighter, losing the golden honey tones for more icy, lighter shades. This is a cooler color and may not work for every skin tone, but is such a eye stopping color when on the right person! 

Don't be afraid to take a chance and mix up your color for the coming seasons!