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Braids are so versatile. They can help when you are having a bad hair day, if you want a bohemian look for the afternoon, if you need it tight back for an intense workout or if you have a formal event to attend! Next time you are feeling bored with your hair, just try throwing a braid in the mix!

I know some people may not be able to braid their hair themselves. It even took me a little while to get it right on my hair. The best advice I have if you don't have a friend who can show you, is to look up  how to braid photos with steps, or find a YouTube video to show you as well. Technology is crazy these days, you can learn almost anything!

High fashion and runway have been going braid crazy as well! All the top designers have their models with different sorts of do's with braids incorporated into them. Even just pigtail braids or soft messy hair with braided ends. The hair completes the look on the runway. These are just a few I found to be unique and simple:

Here is a new look of braid I found, 4 and 5 strand braid. I am still trying to figure out how to do this one perfectly so I will work on that now!

(I had to sneak a real life photo of one of my most recent brides in there)

Brides if you are looking for braided looks here are a few that have stood out to me for that big special day:

If you are someone like me with little hair that stops growing past your shoulders, we have to get a bit more creative with our braids. I suggest a braid bun or one that crosses in the front of the hair to make it look fuller.

braids, braids everywhere!

 Braids, Braids everywhere! Where do I begin! They can be incorporated in so many ways, anywhere from a casual look to a formal up-do. Braids work for those days that you want your hair up, but more than just a ponytail or a plain bun on your head. I have brides asking for them all the time with their styles and I am more than happy to do it! If you have that thick long luscious hair you can get a long awesome braid much easier (not fair), These are some good looks for thick long hair: