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I always get so many questions about hair extensions! Today I thought I would give some more detail into the types of hair extensions and a question and answer! I mean we all at some point desire longer, thicker mermaid hair right? Extensions give you just that! Getting the right stylist to place and cut your extensions is crucial! A lot goes into blended and making sure they look like part of your hair when they are styled! We have all seen the girl walking down the street and her extensions are so obvious you feel like letting her know she may want to check a different salon and find a new stylist!

Tape-in, Clip-in and Micro Beading extensions are the most commonly used extensions. The Tape-in method has to be my favorite and most practical type of leave-in extensions. Not only is the move up a lot easier but so is the initial process of putting them in. Clip-ins are great if you want to use them for special occasions or take them in and out daily because your not ready for the full commitment of the tape-in! Micro Beading is time consuming to put in and move up but blend really nicely being smaller pieces of hair.

I will be honest they are of course more maintenance then your everyday hair regimen! I always suggest to comb over the root of extensions with a boar bristle brush and the ends with a comb or regular brush to get any tangles out! Its important when have extensions that you keep them hydrated and use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I always recommend using Pureology while washing the hair or any other type of hydrating, sulfate free and gentle products.  A leave-in conditions spray is great for hydration and combing the hair!

Tape-In Extensions

Before and After

Micro Beading

After with Micro Beads

Clip-in Extensions

Before and after Clip-in Extensions


Can I shampoo and condition my extensions?
Yes, you can treat them like your regular hair! Just ensure when you use the conditioner you feather it through the ends and do not rub it up on tape part of extensions, because it can loosen the stickiness of the tape.

Can I curl or straighten my extensions?
All extensions should be human hair, so yes your can dry, curl, and straighten your extensions as you would your own hair.

How often do I need to come in for a move up?
Its recommended every 6-8 weeks but depending on your amount of hair growth if may differ. You can usually tell when they are grown out too much and need a move up. Try and schedule this before they start slipping out.

Can I swim with my extensions, in a pool or the ocean?
You can swim occasionally with extensions, you shouldn't make it a daily habit however. Just be sure to wash out chlorine or salt water as soon as possible after swimming.

Can I color my hair with extensions in?
You can color the crown of the hair and if you are covering roots its best to remove extensions do your color. Best to do a color at time of move up! It's not best to color extensions so make sure you can find a good match of hair color or your can use multiple colors to get a nice natural color that blends!

How long can I use the hair for?
Your extensions can stay in healthy shape for about 6 months if they are well taken care of!

Can I put my hair in a pony tail or braid?
Yes of course! As long as your stylist has placed the extensions so they sit flat when you pull your hair back, lower styling is always best but you can do updos and braids high up if needed!

Are extensions for me?
If you plan to keep up with the maintenance of extensions, have the extra time to style/dry and can be organized to schedule move ups you should have no problem! They will hold in thinner hair too! Don't forget it is a small investment to keep them! 

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